Voxel Race
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  •         Voxel Race - simple, but very exciting free game, suitable for people of all ages! Let's race on an aircraft? We make flights and avoid obstacles and obstacles!...

Voxel Race

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Voxel Race - simple, but very excit [詳情]

Voxel Race - simple, but very exciting free game, suitable for people of all ages! Let's race on an aircraft? We make flights and avoid obstacles and obstacles! Features: - Trend voxel(big 3d pixel) graphics - 20 built-in hovercraft, ready to be unblocked with coins. - There is no need for wifi. Than is useful? The game trains the eye, dexterity, attention, fine motor skills and general coordination of movements, perseverance and patience. After all, not everyone can reach the finals in the game. For whom? A game for boys. Playing the game, the boys turn into captains and control the hovercraft. The player has complete freedom of movement. In the game, everyone is able to feel the speed, the sense of flying, the dizzy height and the sense of danger. However, you must be extremely careful, because on the way there are various obstacles. In front of you suddenly appear stones, boulders, stand up insurmountable stone walls, suddenly in the mountains open holes and only through them can fly. Or, suddenly, where do not go, the way is blocked by giant sentries with blades. These are wind generators. Beware of them. The rotation of the blades hypnotizes the look. You will not have time to dodge, and the blades will destroy the ship. Briefly press left or right to control the aircraft. Do it quickly, but without fuss. Avoid deadly obstacles and collect coins and objects. Collecting bonuses, the player will soon be able to exchange them for other ships. Two dozen ships on an air cushion. Choose any. A game for girls, in which they will feel themselves as air captains. Playing, the girls will have to navigate in space and go through the whole route. If you set a goal - go all the way, then nothing can stop you. The game is good for teenagers. After all, they are excellent tactics and strategists. Deftly navigating the aircraft through all the obstacles on the way, they become winners. The control of the air, though computer, ship requires special concentration and attention. For the safety of your ship, only you are responsible. So be careful! Beautiful graphics do not draw attention to themselves, but rather makes the flight more interesting and lively. You do not need internet to play Voxel Race. Download the game on your tablet or smartphone. Do flights, completely immersing yourself in the virtual world, conquer airspace. This game will amaze you with bright, believable elements, an excellent storyline, simple control. Nothing distracts you from the flight does not stop to make turns, steep turns and gain the necessary height or on the contrary to reduce it. After all, the most important thing is not to touch any obstacle, not to crash at full speed into the obstacles on the way. The game is colorful and exciting. Excellent animation accurately conveys all the nuances of natural movement. Thanks to this, all the elements in the game come to life, they become realistic. It remains only to enjoy colorful graphics and pleasant music. Embark on an incredible air journey with the plane and win in this match.


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排序 網游 分類 期待值 下載
1 英雄聯盟手游 MOBA 67740 下載
2 風云島行動 動作 61605 下載
3 方舟生存進化 冒險 61302 下載
4 荒野亂斗 射擊 57152 下載
5 天龍 角色 52940 下載
6 寶可夢大探險 角色 51167 下載
7 植物大戰僵尸3 休閑 50984 下載
8 失落城堡 動作 49478 下載


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