Very Merry Merle – Christmas game for kids
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  •         In this free Christmas game join your favorite KinToons characters – Merle the Gentle Giant, Janet the Viking Girl, Uga the Flying Turtle, and Paolo the Sleepy ...

Very Merry Merle – Christmas game for kids

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In this free Christmas game join yo [詳情]

In this free Christmas game join your favorite KinToons characters – Merle the Gentle Giant, Janet the Viking Girl, Uga the Flying Turtle, and Paolo the Sleepy Owl - as they explore a world full of delightful Christmas decorations, activities and goodies. Want to decorate the store with Uga? Join him in decorating all the trees with bright and colorful objects. Want to have some more fun? Try decorating the trees with candies and see if that works. Feeling hungry after all that decorating? Join Janet the in cooking up scrumptious, classic Christmas treats like pie, pudding and a delicious roast! When you’re done offer Merle a slice - he won’t ever say no! Join Paolo on the stage to hang out with Santa, dress up the snowman, prepare the Christmas list and light up the nose of Rudolph the reindeer. Try tapping the reindeer’s bag and see what comes out! Spread the Christmas cheer by singing carols with Janet and her KinToons friends! Listen to Christmas jingles on the jukebox, the gramophone, and the boombox. Each character has their own unique Christmas jingle. Find them all! Hang out with Uga in the toy store where you can solve puzzles, build an ice castle, assemble a dollhouse and play with lots and LOTS of Christmas toys! Or, hand a mic to your KinToons friends and see what they suggest. ‘Very Merry Merle’ is a pretend play Christmas game that brings a hearty dose of Christmas cheer to a child’s world. This Christmas game is perfect for girls and boys of all ages. The store is full of fun things to do - go wild and cover the place in toys, treats, and baubles or play it neat and orderly by placing everything exactly where it should be! And that’s not all, ‘Very Merry Merle’ is bursting with hours of fun festive activities. Whatever you decide to do, with this fun learning kids game you can feel safe knowing this is a completely kid and baby friendly Santa game. Find hidden objects in this Santa game and have fun with your KinToons friends. INTERACTIVE FUN ● A huge selection of Christmas items to choose from and play with ● Fold origami, make a Christmas tree, assemble a dollhouse, build an ice castle, play music, discover and cook recipes and much more. CUTE & CHEERY CHARACTERS ● All your favorite KinToons characters are set to chat, sing, dance and have fun with you. ● Dress them up, give them toys and treats and make music together - there’s so much to do! ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY ● The goal of this Christmas game is only to enjoy, make the KinToons stars do whatever you like…you control all the characters ● Decorations, music, puzzles, cooking, toys, dress up – there is something here for everybody. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS FUN LEARNING APP FOR KIDS ? Fun, safe and simple game for kids ? 4 lovable characters from the KinToons universe with unique voices ? Tons of items to play with ? Mix and match to get unique items ? Giant scrollable Christmas store background ? Easy controls ? Fresh graphics Before you download this fun game for kids, please consider that this app has advertising. If you do not want to see ads, you have an option to pay to remove ads within this app and have an ad-free experience. In case you decide to continue with ads, please know that our Ad Partners are fully COPPA and GDPR compliant. If you do not want to receive Targeted Ads on your mobile Device, your mobile Device may give you the option to opt-out of receiving Ads on all apps on your Device. Please refer our Privacy Policy document here for further details-


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