Battl f Dad Army Zmb urvval
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  •         Zombie survival : Battle of dead army is going to be the biggest battle in the history. Have you ever thought the world will destroy by the army of dead zombie ...

Battl f Dad Army  Zmb urvval

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Zombie survival : Battle of dead ar [詳情]

Zombie survival : Battle of dead army is going to be the biggest battle in the history. Have you ever thought the world will destroy by the army of dead zombie ? Want to serve as a knight in this battle of dead army of zombies and take charge on the zombie to completely fail them in their mission. Survival is the main aim. Get ready to be the living legend as a fighter for the glory of your kingdom. This zombie survival game is going to give you some action packed with some major goals and challenges that will test your love to your kingdom. The army of dead marching towards the north and you have only limited time to get prepare for the battle of dead army in winter fell. No one is going to live anymore if they attacked to the castle. Its the final time you can survive in this battle with army of dead zombie. Don't loose hopes at any cost. Survival should be the main mission. Story : Long years back, when there were less population in the north, a man watched a dead man walking and couldn't believe his eyes and tried to get over it. The dead man zombie attacked him brutally and converted him into his dead army. Later on, they attacked the whole village and converted them into deadly beasts like zombie and added them into their dead army. Now they have thousands of army of dead man zombie. Their aim is to completely destroy all the livings from the earth and to rule all the world of dead zombie. They probably got some dragon to defeat the north very hard. They have no mercy at all. Sometimes they are kind but the other time they are beasts. We are looking for a brave knight who can fight for the glory of his kingdom and serve himself for the country. You will be equipped with different weapons like sword , katana etc. Make your strategy to defeat the dead zombie as they can arrive at any time to take charge on north and you have to survive at any cost to defeat the army of dead zombie. No time is left behind, come up with your strategy because the king of dead army is not going to loose very easily. Gear up with the sheilds and weapons. Army of dead is on their way to rule over the world and we won't make them do that. We have courage to fight for the nation. Let them come and die. Features: - Best graphics and environment - Weapons to play (Sword, Katana and Axe) - Realistic controls - Easy to play

開發者:Pinaculo Studios

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