1vs1: Tank Hunters
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  •         Dear users! The game is currently under development, please email us if you find any bugs. We carefully read all your comments about the game. Get ready for a...

1vs1: Tank Hunters

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Dear users! The game is currently [詳情]

Dear users! The game is currently under development, please email us if you find any bugs. We carefully read all your comments about the game. Get ready for a real duel tank battle! Tank Hunters: be the captain of your own heavy military machine equipped with the latest tech. Your mission is to destroy the enemy tank faster than it destroys you in 1x1 battles. Our game is perfect for both die-hard fans of classic tank battles, and lovers of tactical, dynamic shooters. Key game features: Combat modules - These include active and passive body kits on tanks, like napalm, homing missiles, afterburners, x-ray and tons more. Flex your strategic and tactical combat skills using different modules. Any module can be attached to any tank. A huge variety of tanks, from the classic Challenger 2 to self-propelled units such as K9 Thunder. Adjust to your opponent's style, choose tanks to counter them and win battles strategically. Capture points - the main game mode, where your mission is to hold positions and try to survive or destroy the enemy. Move and hide behind obstacles strategically. Matchmaking - automatic opponent selection based on rating, so the better you play, the more serious your competition. Plus if you want to practice, you can always play against bots. Ranking system - we use the standard ELO ranking system, so the better you play, the higher the rank and the stronger your opponents. Unlock new tanks and abilities every time you reach the next rank. Fight for your position in the ranking system and don't give up a single point to your opponents! Modern, realistic 3D graphics. The tanks and textures on the maps are top notch, so the game is perfect for even die-hard fans of tank battles and strategic position shooters. Arenas - the game has several maps, each with tons of shelter that's sometimes destroyable, so you can do things like blow up a house or water tower to kill off opponents. Leaderboard - compete against players from all over the world for top positions and earn additional bonuses and respect. BONUSES: Complete daily tasks, destroy opponents and get free cases. Don't miss a single day to get as many rewards and bonuses as you can! The game requires a stable internet connection. You can also practice against tank-bots to hone your skills or get used to using new modules. Download the game right now, it's absolutely free! Some in-game elements can also be purchased. Our group: FB: https://www.facebook.com/TankHunters/


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